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The Record Producers: Tony Visconti

EMI is scheduled to release a 17 track compilation in July called 'The Record Producers: Tony Visconti' , which looks at his work as producer, mixer, arranger and more.

The album will feature two songs from the Sparks catalogue - Looks, Looks, Looks from the Visconti produced Indiscreet, and the Plagiarism version of This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us, which was arranged and conducted by Tony.

Track listing:-

01 Héros - David Bowie (French version of Heroes)
02 China Girl - Iggy Pop
03 Metal Guru - T. Rex
04 You Have Killed Me - Morrissey
05 Looks Looks Looks - Sparks
06 Will You - Hazel O’Connor
07 Chains - Mercury Rev
08 Oh Baby - Dib Cochran & The Earwigs
09 The Prettiest Star - David Bowie (original single version)
10 Flowers In The Rain – The Move
11 Sarah - Thin Lizzy
12 Love Is The Law - Seahorses
13 Band On The Run - Wings
14 This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us - Sparks (Plagiarism Album Version)
15 Got To Get You Into My Life - Surprise Sisters
16 Black Country Rock - David Bowie
17 Telegram Sam - T. Rex

From the main sleeve notes:-

Brothers Ron & Russell Mael were the heart of Sparks and with several hit singles and two hit albums under their belt, approached Visconti to both produce and arrange their 1975 album
‘Indiscreet’. They were looking to expand their sound outside of the conventional rock band format and knew of Tony’s skills as an instrumental arranger. Ron’s latest songs leant themselves to orchestral experimentation and Visconti provided the brothers with marching bands, fiddle hoe-downs, big band jazz and chamber orchestras to fit the mood of each song.

and accompanying the track This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us:-

In the same year that Visconti produced the Seahorses, (a new band looking for its first hit), he was back working with a duo he’d first met over 20 years earlier. The original 1974 classic single (kept off No. 1 by Rubettes ‘Sugar Baby Love’) was produced by Muff Winwood. When, in 1997, the Mael brothers revisited their song repertoire for the album ‘Plagiarism’, they contacted their old friend Visconti to provide a number of arrangements to give an unusual twist to a greatest hits compilation. Alongside ‘Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth’,‘Something For The Girl With Everything’ and others, Visconti arranged and conducted this string orchestral version. It includes a verse not heard on the groundbreaking original single - “Choosing, the girl is choosing......”

Spasiba Russia!
We would like to thank the Russian Sparks Fan Club as well as all the Russian fans (and non-Russian fans who flew in specially!) who came to our 2 Moscow concerts for a truly memorable time in Moscow. Your fantastic reception at the 2 shows is something we will not forget. And a special thank you for the wonderful Aeroflot gifts that we were presented with after Saturday's concert. We can't wait to come back to Russia to perform once again next year when our new album is completed. See you soon,
Ron and Russell

Sparks In Moscow
The band looks forward to seeing all their Russian friends this Friday and Saturday nights, June 1 and 2, at Apselsin in Moscow.
The guys are already in Moscow, enjoying the unusually hot weather and taking a short break from the recording of their new album.
We look forward to hearing from all those who attend the shows!
See you there this weekend!

Dick Around video in Festival
The video for Dick Around is being included in the Indie Music Video Festival.

click on the link for more info

IMFV Schedule

Sparks and Posh Spice! Who would have though?
"Only In America" has never sounded so true.

On May 18th Russell attended the 2007/08 CHANEL Cruise Show & party in Santa Monica.

Russell was accompanied by Tammy Glover

On arriving at the event which was held in a massive aircraft hangar Russell and Tammy were shown to their seats....only to find themselves placed next to Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice

A good time was had by all!

As we say "Only In America"

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